Your views on the gates' future

Eaton Bray Parish Council are exploring the future of the white wooden gates at the entry point of the village at the top of Bower Lane and Totternhoe Road.

The idea behind the gates came originally from an initiative some years ago to add both character to English villages but also mark a village entry point with an aim of subconsciously slowing the traffic.

The gates are made from wood and each year require maintenance.

More recently, they have suffered from damage and are also starting to decay.

The Parish Council is exploring the possibility of removing the gates all together as we are looking at a repair cost of around £2000 this year and with a view to replacing them with something else that requires less maintenance but equally providing an ‘entry point’ for the village.


With this in mind, it makes sense to seek the community’s view and so we have created a simple poll to garner a consensus. Once we have the result of the poll, we will then be in a position to determine their future – whether it is to repair them or remove them (with a view to replacing them with something else in the future.)

Update 4th June 2021 – the poll is now closed and the parish council will now review the responses to help form a way forward.