Garden waste collections resume from 28 February

Garden waste collections are restarting from 28 February 2022, on our normal recycling collection day – Mondays.

All garden waste must be inside your garden waste bin or bags. If you have large branches, trunks or plants, please cut these into smaller pieces.

What can go in the garden waste bin/bags?

It is important to place the right waste in your garden waste bin or bags, otherwise we may not be able to empty them.  Here’s a handy list of what to include and what to keep out:

Yes please:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Plants and weeds
  • Flowers
  • Pruning
  • Hedge clippings
  • Leaves and bark
  • Pot plants
  • Pond plants

No thank you: 

  • Food waste
  • Kitchen/general household waste
  • Compostable bags/packaging
  • Soil and turf
  • Rubble and hardcore
  • Wood or glass
  • Animal or pet bedding/waste
  • Plastic bags
  • Plant pots

Garden Waste Collection Restarts 28th February

What should I do if I have excess garden waste?

Visit one of the CBC Household Waste Recycling Centres, details can be found on the CBC website.

You could also consider composting at home, putting the nutrients back into your soil.  You can order a compost bin here.