Supply of emergency food parcels

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Dunstable foodbank is here to supply emergency food parcels to individuals and families who live in LU5 and LU6 postcodes who cannot afford food.

Conventionally clients are referred to us by a number of agencies, but many are not operating normally in the Covid crisis.

It can be difficult for clients living in the villages to collect food from one of our distribution centres in Dunstable or Houghton Regis. We do have a delivery service that currently operates on Wednesdays and Fridays, although if demand increases we will add extra days.


People needing our help can approach Dunstable Citizens Advice – telephone numbers:
01582 670003 or 07367 457834.

Alternatively, we can be contacted directly by email: info@dunstablefoodbank.org.uk or telephone:
07874 200056.

We remain very grateful for the continued support of our volunteers and donors in this increasingly busy time.

Mike Pittam
Operations Manager Dunstable Foodbank
Christ Church, West Street, Dunstable