Parish Council Actions

During the current Corona Virus period of lockdown and the Government’s advice to keep social distancing, the Parish Council are not holding any current meetings.

However, the Parish Councillors are still working behind the scenes in order to make sure the village runs as usual within the current restrictions.

We will be providing a summary of the actions that the Parish Council have taken on this page so that parishioners have clear visibility of what’s going on and the work that the Parish Council has been doing during this time.

Eaton Bray Parish Council Update, 4th May 2020

Following is a list of actions carried out by Eaton Bray Parish Council since the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 2nd March 2020:

  • At the start of the Covid crisis the PC supported the work of the EB Good Neighbours by paying for the printing of leaflets to be delivered to each household explaining the help available.
  • All approved monthly payments for April 2020 have been paid through on-line banking.
  • The Parish Council approved/actioned their response to planning applications received.
  • Tuesday 10th March & Wednesday 11th March 2020 – Planning Appeal Meeting for Bower Lane planning application. Cllr Marie Brewer attended the meeting on behalf of the Parish Council.  Outcome of appeal – refused. Link to decision of planning application CB/18/03308
  • The Parish Council approved/actioned the cancellation of future Parish Council Meetings until further notice.
  • The Parish Council actioned the closing of the play areas in the Parks on Government advice.
  • The Parish Council actioned guidelines regarding Parish Allotments and Bower Lane Cemetery on government advice.
  • The Parish Council responded to our Insurance Company regarding the Personal Injury Claim against the parish Council for Holmans Bridge.
  • A Traffic Management Meeting, was held on Monday 27th April 2020 (on-line) by CBC/Highways. Cllr Mark Tomkins attended the meeting as Parish Council representative.  The double yellow lines at the junction of High Street and Church Lane, which had been requested by the Parish Council, were approved by CBC.
  • On Friday 1st May, there was an on-line meeting with concerned location residents and John English from CPRE regarding the Eaton Bray planning application. Cllr Marie Brewer attended as the PC representative.
  • Cllr Brewer had a telephone discussion with a representative of the EB Bloomers concerning how to obtain plants for the summer planters. It was agreed that the Bloomers would order the plants from Leighton Buzzard Garden Centre and these would be delivered.
  • The Parish Council has received a complaint from a location resident about the gutters in The Rye, not handling water flow during the recent rain. The complaint was passed onto Cllr Spicer who has been in touch with the relevant department at CBC who have confirmed that the drains will be cleared next month.
  • The Coffee Tavern: This has not been in use since the lockdown.
  • The Cottage: We now have new tenants, who moved into the cottage on 20/3/20 just before lockdown – a few minor problems were reported. Mick Flecknell mended the shed roof and the Letting Agents (Giblins) have said other issues will be dealt with. Rent arrears from the previous tenancy have been reported to the insurance company, Giblins are still awaiting their response.
  • The Cemetery: Due to lockdown/isolation, the flower beds have not yet been replanted, but this will be done once able.
  • Councillor Simkins presented designs and costings for a new entrance sign for the village. These were seen and approved by all Councillors and the work will be actioned when possible.
  • An enquiry was made by a resident about the possibility of attaching ribbons to the play area fence in School Lane Park. The Parish Council responded that in view of government guidance re social distancing etc., that they could not support this idea.
  • An enquiry was made by a resident about problems with traffic in Farmers Lane, Wellhead. The Parish Clerk was advised that the matter should be raised by the resident with the Highways and Planning Department of Central Bedfordshire Council.
  • The Parish Clerk is currently preparing the year end accounts. Once completed the Parish Clerk will arrange for the Internal Auditor to go through the accounts. When this is done the draft accounts will be sent out to all Parish Councillors.

The Parish Clerk is currently trying to find a way of getting the Parish Council precept (deposit) account on-line, only the Parish Council payment (current) account is on-line.  Normally a cheque is written/signed at PC Meeting to allow money to be transferred from the deposit account; the form from Bank of Ireland will require signatures, normally must be a hard copy, and approval recorded on full Parish Council minutes for this change.  However, the Clerk is waiting for confirmation that an electronic copy (with signatures) will be acceptable at this time and the hard copy can be forwarded, together with minuted approval, once the full Parish Council Meetings are back up and running.